Words from the SCSA Dir. of Officials – Week 3

SCSA Referee Family:

Congratulations on a successful weekend of refereeing at SCSA. I received positive comments and compliments from several coaches this weekend about your work and performance. I am glad to see you all work and strive to advance your officiating at SCSA. Below is the third installment of ‘Words from the DOO’ as well as our referee of the week.  

Keep It Up!

Many referees had to make some really difficult decisions that impacted the outcomes of games this weekend. There were DOGSO situations and Penalty Kick situations that I saw where the referee got it 100% correct. Don’t be afraid to go with what you saw and what you know.   

Areas of Improvement

-Appearance matters! First impressions are incredibly important. You are judged as a referee the instant you show up on the field. Keep your socks up, tuck your shirt in, don’t wear jewelry, wear a black shirt underneath your jersey, etc. You all have heard this stuff enough, do it.

-Be within close proximity of play. Yes, it takes hard work to cover the field but that’s required of us. Being close to play will help you sell the call and make your job easier overall.

*Lastly, include your conflicts when turning in your availability- please!   

Referee of the Week- Scott Dyer!

-Scott is as professional as they come. He has worked hard to learn the craft of refereeing and transfer all of his playing and coaching knowledge to the officiating side of soccer. Aside from seeing it for myself- I have also heard compliments from assignors, assessors, and fellow referees. It’s motivating to see Scott in action, congrats!.  

It Happened At SCSA…

Referees, if you see and hear parents saying or yelling anything at opposing players then find a stopping point and have the coach address the issue. Use the coaches to deal with those parent sideline issues- or else like I said before… deal with them.


I appreciate your time and efforts. Have a great week!

Rey Ramirez

SCSA Director of Officials

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