Words from the SCSA Director of Officials – Week 5

SCSA Soccer Officials:

It was an eventful weekend of refereeing and largely a success. Thank you all for bearing through the weather Saturday. I have seen many of you respond positively to feedback and am thrilled to see you all working on improving your soccer officiating repertoire.  

Keep It Up!

-Way to be proactive on re-starts. I have seen many of you communicating with players consistently before free kicks are taken. This helps avoid potential issues and having players delaying restarts.

-Persistent Infringement- I saw several officials taking steps towards admonishing players and/or teams that were repeatedly fouling in games. Way to be aware of this!

Areas of Improvement

-Head injuries- Stop the game immediately when you see a kid go down with a head injury. We must have safety on our minds first at all times; any possible concussion situation needs to be seriously looked at. Concussions can result from contact with another player, a goal, the ground, or even the ball.  

-Call fouls! It’s always better to hear complaints of too many fouls called than not enough!

Referee of the Week- Steve Parks!

-Steve is and has been devoted to youth soccer for years and has been on all sides of the ball at various levels. Having him as a referee at SCSA has brought much soccer experience and knowledge. His positioning is exceptional, and his foul recognition is second to none at SCSA. Thanks for all your efforts and drive to improve Steve!

AR of the Week- Blake Rump! He’s one of our best up and coming officials and has a bright future as a soccer referee.

It Happened At SCSA…

Understand Law 12 and the verbiage associated with yellow card and red card offenses. You cannot give a red card and explain it by describing a yellow card offense. You should not give a yellow card and justify it by using the verbiage used for a simple direct free kick in the law book. Study the Laws of the Game and understand what each offense calls for.

Thanks for reading- stay healthy, keep hydrated, and try as much as possible to stay sane!

Rey Ramirez

SCSA Director of Officials

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