Words from the SCSA Director of Officials – Week 4

Dear SCSA Referee Clan:

The season is well under way now. The players, coaches, and parents are now going into the second half of their season and things will be getting more and more competitive. We as referees must be up to the challenge and welcome the responsibility of making important decisions in the ‘moments of truth’.

Keep It Up!

I saw a lot of great communication this weekend between center referees and their AR’s. There was a lot of eye contact which is always a positive. I hear referees talking about games and difficult situations regularly which helps keep everyone engaged and thinking about refereeing.

Areas of Improvement

-Substitution rules- learn them. Allow subs to go on at the right time, not at random times or whenever they want. The referee crew must be in control of substitution procedures.  

-Leadership- You can all be leaders in your own way. It doesn’t take an administrator to say what needs to be said. You can all challenge each other to be better. Help by giving advice or giving recommendations to those that need it.   

Referee of the Week- Jason Stewart!

-Jason is a consistent and knowledgeable soccer referee. He treats every game with the seriousness it deserves; no matter how many games he has done that weekend. He has studied and learned the ‘Laws of the Game’ and it has helped him take the correct actions even during improbable situations. Keep being a leader Jason!

AR of the Week- Adrien Emanuel! Great job assisting your center in difficult moments!

It Happened At SCSA…

Referees, know when free kicks are direct or indirect. You must signal by putting your hand up for indirect kicks. Things can really go bad when you don’t signal ‘indirect’ and there’s a goal.  

It’s been great to meet and get to know you all so far this fall season!

Rey Ramirez

SCSA Director of Officials

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