U7/U8 Matches

It seems that there is quite a bit of inconsistency with the way we are refereeing U7/U8 games.

Many of us are applying 3v3 rules to these matches which is NOT correct. Chris and I are going to work together to have a consolidated rule sheet on these games to hand out prior to the fall season to make everything perfectly clear. We are also going to go to the board and ask for board clarification on some of the more commonly assumed rules that are not mentioned in our SCSA Operations Manual.

Until then, please consider the following:

Any rule not specifically mentioned in the SCSA Operations Manual is to be handled under FIFA law like any other game.

This means, for example, that a goal can be scored directly from a kickoff. There has been a tremendous amount of inconsistency on this and we are getting alot of negative feedback from coaches that they don’t know what to expect from game-to-game.

If you are assigned to these matches this weekend, PLEASE take a minute to read through the section on U7/U8 games in the SCSA Operations manual (available in the Documents section at www.scsasoccer.com)

Starting in the fall season we will have a one-page poster hanging in the referee shed and a flyer that can be handed out to coaches if necessary explaining any rule differences between the U7/U8 games and other games that you might do. In the meantime if you have ANY questions please ask me or Chris BEFORE you get out on the field.

If you are a parent reading these e-mails then you have accepted the responsibility of making sure your youth referee knows this information. It will be unacceptable for them to say “I didn’t know that” during next weekends games.

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