Stryker Fall 2020 COVID Considerations for Officials

Stryker Fall 2020 COVID Considerations for Officials
Officials will NOT use the typical Check-In procedure to help minimize any close proximity to others.
Fall 2020 Check In Procedures and Game Procedures

1.       A single official will approach each Coach (who should be wearing a mask the entire time) and ask them for the player cards and line-up cards.  Please ensure the line-up cards are SIGNED!

2.       We will not line up the players and check them in or do a safety check before the game.

3.       Remind the coaches to retrieve the player cards after the game from the officials.

4.       Remind the coaches that players found to not have the appropriate equipment or players who are found to have jewelry on will be asked to leave the field until they are safe to play.

5.       During the play of the game, keep a look out for players that have equipment violations and ensure that they are removed from the playing field until their equipment issue is fixed.

6.       When the game is over, please put your mask back on and return the player cards.  The Coach SHOULD come to you to help maximize distance between you and the players.

7.       Any player that is playing in a cast that needs to be inspected by an official will do so away from the bench and other players.  Both the official and player should wear a mask for this safety check.
Other Stryker Policies Affecting Officials

*         All officials are required to wear their masks the entire time they are on Stryker property except in the below circumstances

o   They are in their personal car

o   During the game

*         This INCLUDES any time they are in the referee room, indoor building, or parking lot.

*         These same policies are being asked of all Coaches, Players, and Spectators.  Only the Players and Officials are allowed to take their masks off and only during the time they are playing or officiating.

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