Spring Season Assigning – SCSA and WRSA

Referees probably have many questions about the upcoming seasons with multiple leagues and tournament games as we support both SCSA and WRSA leagues.

We are choosing to keep the assigning process the same for continuity. We may update to a better app/tool soon but for the Spring 2019 season and foreseeable future – please submit your availabilty as normal. If you live near a specific complex or perhaps have a sibling playing at one complex or the other and would like for me to try and schedule you at that same complex please put those notes in your “requests” as you submit availability for a specific week.

WRSA games are going to be at Stryker. SCSA games will be mostly at Southlakes but they will also have some games scheduled at Stryker. We’ll potentially have tournament games at both facilities and it is possible that we’ll be supporting a tournament at one facility and league games at the other on the same date.

The assigning process will always be to do what is best for the game and for the referee development. We’ll evaluate each game level individually and try to work the best crews possible into those games while honoring your location requests *when possible*.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Mark Bernat – mark.bernat@gmail.com

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