SCSA Week 2 Notes from the Director of Officiall

Greetings Soccer Referees!

It has been a blast to meet and work with you all these past two weekends. I have seen some excellent officiating both from many center referees and assistant referees these past two weekends. I commend you all for the dedication and commitment to ‘the beautiful game.’ I will be sending out weekly notes as well as selecting a ‘referee of the week’ on a weekly basis. Below is the first set of ‘Words From The D.O.O.’

Keep It Up!
Most of our officials are demonstrating excellent mechanics and foul recognition. I am happy to see where we are at on these two topics. I love to see referees not being afraid to blow the whistle and have the courage to call what they see.

Areas of Improvement
-You must not wear jewelry when you referee, period. When you lose games because of it- do not wonder or ask ‘why?’.
-Your crew must all match jersey colors- there are many extras in the ref shed. No excuse.
-Do not engage in arguments with the fans and parents. Ignore them, don’t say a word to them. If there is a major issue then have the coach deal with it or deal with him or her. Be professional and simply use me or another administrator to deal with those sideline problems.

Referee of the Week- Justin Nahrendorf!
-Justin demonstrated great communication and leadership with his referee crews this weekend. He was engaged, kept up with play, and had the courage to make the tough calls. Solid job!

It Happened At SCSA…
Referees, study law 3.7. If an outside agent (usually an animal or spectator) enters the field and is involved with play, the re-start is a drop ball. If a team official, coach, ejected player, or bench player illegally enters the field and is involved with play, then the re-start is a direct free kick or penalty kick.  

Lastly, we’ll be having a cookout by the ref shed pretty soon so stay tuned. Study up and hydrate, see you all soon!

Rey Ramirez

SCSA Director of Officials

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