SCSA Notes – Week 1

Assignments for the 2nd weekend of the season are now published on the website. This is our first “full” weekend as the first weekend was a shortened schedule of older division games only.

You may have noticed our times have changed. New scheduling policies, the parking situation and team conflicts have all contributed to schedules that are a bit different than in years past.

You must submit accurate availability. 2 out of my first 3 e-mails received during the first week were people cancelling their games. I’ve already received 3 e-mails this morning with people saying “something just came up” after the schedules were published late Sunday night.

This is not acceptable. We have way too many games to constantly re-do schedules. I know things come up but I’m pretty sure your school didn’t publish new game schedules between Sunday at midnight and Monday morning at 6am. If your availability changes you need to let us know in a timely manner.

Refereeing is no different than any other job. Once you commit to being available you are responsible for covering your scheduled shifts (game assignments). It is a job. You are being paid. When last minute schedule changes occur you should consider whether you should be cancelling your commitment to referee or pushing back and saying I’ve already committed to working at that time. Canceling assignments reflect negatively on you next time a choice is being made between you and someone who doesn’t cancel their assignments for a game.

You must be at the fields at LEAST 30 minutes prior to your first game. Period. No excuses, it’s part of your agreement to work the game.

You must NOT trade assignments. If you want to be switched out, talk to the field administrator who may or may not be able to trade you. Already in the first week we’ve had this happen. There are REASONS you are assigned where you are. Perhaps we don’t want you to see that team or coach from the center. Perhaps we want you to see that team or coach in the center NEXT WEEK. Perhaps you are working with a specific crew where the center needs experience or needs an experienced AR or is experienced and we want the AR to work with this person and learn from them. Taking a center without asking the field admins when you were assigned AR is grounds for removal from the schedule for the rest of the weekend or longer. At least one referee will be sitting out this weekend.

I need to know when you are ready for different assignments. If you are being assigned U11AR and are ready for U9/U10 centers let me know. Or ready for U11/U12 centers. Or whatever fits. We have lots of new referees and we need people who are ready to work centers. Center assignments get assigned first each week so the majority of the games go to these referees.

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know –

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