SCSA Director of Officials Notes – March 27 2014

This last weekend at the fields was good.   Just a few points to cover.

Please make sure that when you get the roster card from the coach to check the teams in that the coach has signed it at the bottom. Also make sure both teams coaches sign the game card after the game. Make sure that you tally the goals correctly on the roster card per player, add the goals for a total at the bottom of the roster card, and transfer that to the front of the game card by the home and away coach signatures.

If at anytime the game becomes a 10 goal deficit make sure you ask the losing coach if he/she wants to continue the game. It is their choice. If they choose to continue it’s ok to tally the goals but the final score is only the 10 goal deficit. Also please note on the game card that you asked the coach and they chose to continue.

Please make sure you turn all your game cards in. This is how you get paid. If a game card isn’t turned in you are not getting paid for the game.

At some point in the next few weeks we will have a list of referees at the field. We want to make sure we have a good phone

number and email for all referees. Please help us accomplish this.


Chris Hall
Director of Officials SCSA

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