Responsibilities, Communication and Doing your Job

As a team, we had a disastrous weekend.

This has been repeated over and over and over. It has been brought up in league meetings (but did you go to those)? It has been brought up in referee classes (but were you listening)? It has been sent out in e-mails (do you read those)?

1. Your confirmed game assignments are a contract to work. You are being paid as an independent contractor to provide a service. I am sick and tired of the prevailing attitude that it is acceptable to call in sick (unless you really are sick) or show up late. If you don’t want to referee, find something else to do and quit wasting our time.

2. You are to be at the fields 30 minutes prior to your first game. Period. I had a mom actually try to argue to me today that if someone had called her 25 minutes before kickoff instead of 5 minutes before kickoff her kids wouldn’t have been late to their games. If you don’t want to be on time find a job where your tardiness is acceptable. It is not acceptable refereeing.

3. Your game confirmations mean something. I’ve said this over and over. If you tell me your times or # of games and start time I can check the schedule as I mark you off. If you are too lazy to include that in your confirmation to me, then the responsibility of missing an assignment falls SOLELY on you. You let us down, you let the admins down and you create huge problems when you don’t show up for a game, especially at the U13 and higher levels.

4. If you are a parent and you are the ones reading the e-mails and sending the confirmations then you have accepted the responsibility of making sure your referee knows all of the information we send out. Period. I am DONE with referees not know what they are supposed to do because mommy and daddy read the e-mails and drop their kids off to the fields and nobody has any clue of what they are supposed to be doing. And then we all complain that parents and coaches are out of control. Even though their out-of-control behavior is unacceptable it starts with them being constantly presented with inconsistency and being told contradictory information from game-to-game.

5. Stop taking advantage of Annette. Many of you are mistaking her kindness and trying to work with you for acceptance of poor communication, being tardy and not being professional.

Multiple referees were told this weekend that their services would not be needed for the rest of the season at SCSA. (And believe me, they will start next season in the doghouse if they choose to come back). You are a professional. You are being paid for working these games. Either respect the game, respect your admins, respect the process, or we’ll find someone who does.

If you have ANY problem with any of the above I would be happy to discuss it with you or remove you from all future schedules at your choice.

Mark Bernat
SCSA Referee Assignor

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