Payment procedures for 2017 WFI Tournament

Payment procedures for the WFI tournament will be as follows:

You MUST have a W9 on file with Challenger sports. This is NOT SCSA. Challenger will be making the payments and require a W9. You can download a W9 and print it out in advance here:


1. Confirm your games, work them as normal.

2. Fill out the game card with each game you work, turn it into the field marshal after each game. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Each year we have game cards go missing or go home with referees. If you do not turn in your game card immediately after your game you will not be paid for the game.

3. Keep the “stickers” that are with the game card for each game you work. There should be a sticker for each referee team member.

4. Collect your stickers for the entire weekend and put them on a payment card or paper. Cards will be available at the referee tent for your use.

5. At the END of your schedule, report to the administration tent to confirm your payment amount. The administrator will review your card with you, add up your total and you will sign your card. You must turn in the W9 at this point or your payment will be held until they’ve received a W9 form from you.

6. Challenger sports will mail checks for each signed card that has an accompanying W9 by mid-week.

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