SCSA Fall Season Scheduling Underway – games begin August 11

Get your availability in to work games for the fall season.    Scheduling is now underway for opening weekend – Saturday August 11.

If you have questions please contact Mark Bernat at


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The Mid American Cup tournament will be held at Southlakes (SCSA) and Southview (AYSO) fields at 47th and Meridian.

Schedules, Field Maps, Rules and other referee information will be posted here.

This is a record tournament for the MAC tournament and one of the larger tournaments we’ve had in Wichita in the last 2-3 years.  Everyone will get lots of games (even first year referees will get some games).

If you have not submitted your availability to referee – contact Mark Bernat immediately  (

Referee Schedules


MAC SUN APR 29 v6  updated 4/28 8:02pm


Additional information


Tournament Rules 2018, Rev 4-19

field map MAC 2018

Southview Map MAC 2018 (1)


Archive Schedules



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Wichita Hoops Futsal Schedules

Wichita Hoops Futsal schedules are published below.

Make sure you take 5pm traffic into account.  Plan to be on site by 4:30pm, absolutely no later than 4:45pm.   If games start late because of you the entire schedule runs late, there is no make-up time available.   If you are late you will be assigned less games in the future.  No playing around, no excuses.

All games will be assigned with 2 referees.   Payscale is dependent on age of the teams.   If you must work a one-man game, you will be paid a $10 bonus for that game.

Upcoming Schedules



Archived Schedules

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SCSA Spring Referee Meeting Recap

The following is information that was presented at the SCSA Spring Referee meeting.   If you have questions please contact Rey Ramirez (Director of Officials at

Primary presentation – covered uniforms, direct deposit, assigning and SCSA points of emphasis

SCSA Meeting Review- Spring 2018

Referee Development Program – Referee Mentoring Program  –  You can request a mentor/development assessment!

SCSA Referee Mentoring Program

SCSA Referee Pay – Direct Deposit   –   NOTE:  do not return direct deposit form or W9 tax form to Mark or Rey.  We don’t want your personal information.    Make sure that you send this directly to the league office.

SCSA Direct Deposit

Videos and Discussion

AR Review: The Playoffs


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SCSA games begin March 3! Get your availability in now

The SCSA schedule is in hand and I’m ready to begin assigning. Please get your availability in!!

Make sure to submit as far in advance as you can!


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Referee Information – Getting Games / Getting Paid / Contact Info

If you have questions, the following links and information about how to get games, how to get paid, how to get information will be helpful for you:

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Heading Ban for U11 and below

effective immediately.

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Payment procedures for 2017 WFI Tournament

Payment procedures for the WFI tournament will be as follows:

You MUST have a W9 on file with Challenger sports. This is NOT SCSA. Challenger will be making the payments and require a W9. You can download a W9 and print it out in advance here:


1. Confirm your games, work them as normal.

2. Fill out the game card with each game you work, turn it into the field marshal after each game. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Each year we have game cards go missing or go home with referees. If you do not turn in your game card immediately after your game you will not be paid for the game.

3. Keep the “stickers” that are with the game card for each game you work. There should be a sticker for each referee team member.

4. Collect your stickers for the entire weekend and put them on a payment card or paper. Cards will be available at the referee tent for your use.

5. At the END of your schedule, report to the administration tent to confirm your payment amount. The administrator will review your card with you, add up your total and you will sign your card. You must turn in the W9 at this point or your payment will be held until they’ve received a W9 form from you.

6. Challenger sports will mail checks for each signed card that has an accompanying W9 by mid-week.

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Words from the SCSA Director of Officials – Week 5

SCSA Soccer Officials:

It was an eventful weekend of refereeing and largely a success. Thank you all for bearing through the weather Saturday. I have seen many of you respond positively to feedback and am thrilled to see you all working on improving your soccer officiating repertoire.   Continue reading

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Words from the SCSA Director of Officials – Week 4

Dear SCSA Referee Clan:

The season is well under way now. The players, coaches, and parents are now going into the second half of their season and things will be getting more and more competitive. We as referees must be up to the challenge and welcome the responsibility of making important decisions in the ‘moments of truth’. Continue reading

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