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If you have questions, the following links and information about how to get games, how to get paid, how to get information will be helpful for you:

My contact information:

Mark Bernat

Generally I prefer contact via e-mail because I don’t want to cut you short if you call me during my workday and I travel extensively for business so getting ahold of me  can sometimes be difficult.   However, if you have something you need to discuss verbally, please call and if I don’t answer you immediately, I will return your call as soon as possible.

SCSA Field Administrator Phone If you are running late for a game or for some reason cannot fulfill your assignment on game day (there are very few valid excuses) you need to contact the FIELD ADMINISTRATORS at the fields first.   For EFC tournament games this will be me, but for SCSA League games there is a FIELD ADMINISTRATOR CELL PHONE at the complex.   They will determine if they need me to help replace you.   The number at the fields is:   316-350-4457 

How to receive the latest information

Everything is posted on the website (  Sometimes information is extremely important (like beginning of the season info) or extremely timely (replacement referee needed for a game THAT DAY) and I will send this information out over a subscription e-mail system.   I DO NOT add you to this list.   You can subscribe to this list yourself by clicking the following link:  Mark’s Subscription E-mail Distribution List   You can subscribe as many times as you want to as many e-mail addresses as you want (for instance parents subscribing, etc).

How to get assignments  

1. Enter your availability well in advance.   Use the “Submit Availability” link at the top of the website.    Schedules are often prepared 8-21 days in advance of the games.   Many of you wait until the week before the games and then wonder why you aren’t on the schedule that was prepared without your information.

2. Check the website for the published schedule.   Schedules are published no later than the Monday before the games.   Often earlier.

3.  Confirm your assignments as soon as you can.  You MUST confirm them no later than Wednesday night the week before the games.   Any unconfirmed games on Thursday may be re-assigned to other referees without notice.  You can e-mail or you can text if that works better for you.

4.  Fulfill you commitments.  Canceling your assignments creates scheduling issues for the assignor and field administrator.  Multiple cancellations will cause you not to be scheduled.

How to get paid


SCSA pays every other week via mail.  If you want to pick up your checks at the office you can get them on the Thursday following your games.   To be paid you MUST:

1.  Make sure your information is on the game card.   SCSA pays from the GAME CARDS, not from the referee schedules.

2.  Make sure you have a w9 form on file at the office.   You can turn this in at the fields or you can mail or fax it to the league office.   SCSA will not send you a check without a valid w9 form on file.

For KRW:

You will be paid via check after your last match of the tournament.   Make sure you keep your game sticker for each game you work.


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