KRW Invitational Fall 2015

KRW Invitational Tournament – Southlakes Soccer Complex, Wichita

Friday October 2nd through Sunday October 4th

News Updates 

1. Game Pay – The tournament has agreed to the attached referee payscale.  This continues the tradition of EFC/KRW providing the best possible opportunities in the state for referees. 

2. Referee Mentors –  We are VERY excited to announce that all of the field marshals at the tournament will be former and current senior referees.   I can not overstate how amazing this news is.   We’ll have multiple former USSF State Referees, former College National referees, and former State Youth Referee of the Year award winners along with current senior referees working local high school and college matches.    I will be assigning the mentors and directing which fields they should concentrate on for the mentoring part of their responsibility.   PLEASE send me a note if you would like to request mentoring during the tournament.   PLEASE listen to what these referees have to say.  They are NOT assessing you.  They are NOT looking to be negative in any way.   They want to POSITIVELY help you get better.    We’ll have literally hundreds of years and tens of thousands of games worth of experience at the fields working with you this weekend.   Special welcome to the Chairman of the State Referee Committee, Mr. Rich Kaminsky, who will be mentoring games for us this year.

3.  Schedules – The INITIAL schedules are posted below.  You must be ready for changes.   I tried to work as many as I could into the schedules, including a few games for new referees when possible.   Any cancellations will have to be filled out of the current referee pool so PLEASE follow through with your commitments (no cancels) and be ready for additional assignments should the need arise.   If you see any problem with your schedule please let me know ASAP.   Some of you are listed on the referee pool and did not get games (new referees and late availability).  If we have cancellations you may receive games.   Some of you received games only on Saturday or only on Sunday even though you were available both days.  Again, you may receive games if we get openings.

4.  Assignment Levels — The number of teams in the tournament is less than originally projected.    Note:  Competition for games was strong.   We have fewer older age groups than was expected so many of you are working games at a lower age group than you might normally work during league.   This is not the time to slack off.   This is the one time of the season I get to watch and we have mentors watching every game that can report back to me.  The assignment level you receive for the rest of the season and the spring season could well depend on your hustle and focus or lack of hustle and focus in this tournament.

5.  Confirmation / Changes – We expect schedule changes (they always occur) both on the team side and the referee side.    If I change your schedule *AFTER* you have confirmed I will notify you.   If I change it *BEFORE* you have confirmed I will not, so please check your schedule right before you confirm, and send me your game confirmations ASAP.

6.  CANCELLATIONS  —  don’t.

7.  Day of Game —    This is not an SCSA event.  If you have any difficulty do NOT call the SCSA field administration cell phone because it will not be answered that day.    My cell phone number is listed below.   If you aren’t checked in 30 minutes prior to your game and haven’t contacted me you risk being replaced without notice.    As always I try to schedule you back-to-back at same or close fields and breaks before harder centers, but this was not always possible.   If you are working one side of the complex and then need a ride to the far end between games, let us know BEFORE your first game starts so we can arrange for a field marshal to transport you.   Do not let the fields get behind.

Any questions please contact

Mark Bernat


Master Referee Schedule 

KRW FALL 2015 MASTER SCHEDULE v5  <updated 10/1/15 9:10pm>

Individual Game Schedules




Official Tournament Rules




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