Middle School and High School games

If you would like to work middle school and/or high school games this spring, please contact me.   I added a number of schools to the assigning list.    Basically, nearly every middle school program and most of the high school programs that are not associated with KSHSAA in and around Wichita.

I do NOT use the SCSA availability system for assigning these matches.    A week or two in advance of the games, I send out an e-mail to my entire distribution list noting which games are available.   If you are interested in working those games, please respond quickly with your specific availability.    I do it this way so that you can pick the best situations for your schedule and location.   If you are not already receiving my e-mails you can sign up at this link.   E-mail Distribution List Signup

I have negotiated fair rates for these games.   Middle school games are all 2-man system and high school games are sometimes 3-man system and sometimes 2-man system depending on the schools.   Nearly all the schools pay the referees in check or cash at the games.

Please forward this info to any officials that might be interested in these games.   You do not have to be KSHSAA certified or USSF certified to work these games, but I need to know that you are capable of handling the matches.   Beginning grade 9 or grade 8 referees that have no experience as a center referee do not qualify for these matches.

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