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Insights from DOO 8/29/19

Following is from Josh Bartel, DOO WRSA

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WRSA Fall Referee Meeting 6:00pm/8:00pm Thursday Aug 22 AT WICHITA SPORTS FORUM


There have been many requests for a referee meeting to review the new FIFA LOTG (Laws of the Game) from current officials.  Clearly, we are not mandating attendance to this meeting, but all officials should try to attend if possible.  The main focus of the meeting will be to review the law changes and how WRSA is asking you to interpret them this Fall season.  See below for the details.  I would encourage any newer officials to stay for the free training which follows at 6:30 pm.  In addition, attached is the WRSA interpretations so you can be prepared for the meeting.

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Referee Schedules

Referee schedules will be updated on this post each week for:
Youth League and Tournaments, Wichita Sports Forum Men

As always, please confirm your assignments with an e-mail to by Wednesday night each week. Please confirm as soon as possible, don’t wait for the deadline.  Make sure to include at least the number of games you are confirming each day so that I’ll know you have them all when I mark them off.   Many of you have lost your games for not confirming on time.   Non confirmations will be replaced without notice and you can be removed from the assignment list completely.

Upcoming Schedules
Note: if you see any openings you can fill please contact Mark ASAP.

You *must* contact the field administrators if you are going to be late on game day. Late is arriving less than 30 minutes before your first game. Here is the info for each league: 

NOTE: As changes occur through the week, if you are *added* to games you will be notified via e-mail. You do not have to keep checking back over and over after the initial schedules are published.

schedules updated 06/30/20 5:25pm

Current Schedules

Archive Schedules

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