Spring 2019 Referee Schedules

Referee schedules will be updated on this post each week for:
Wichita Sports Forum

Tournaments at Stryker and Southlakes

As always, please confirm your assignments with an e-mail to mark.bernat@gmail.com by Wednesday night each week. Please confirm as soon as possible, don’t wait for the deadline.  Make sure to include at least the number of games you are confirming each day so that I’ll know you have them all when I mark them off.   Many of you have lost your games in the fall for not confirming on time.   Non confirmations will be replaced without notice and you can be removed from the assignment list completely.

You *must* contact the field administrators if you are going to be late on game day. Late is arriving less than 30 minutes before your first game. Here is the info for each league:

NOTE: As changes occur through the week, if you are *added* to games you will be notified via e-mail. You do not have to keep checking back over and over after the initial schedules are published.

Upcoming Schedules
Note: if you see any openings you can fill please contact Mark ASAP.


Archive Schedules

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Signup for Mark’s E-mail Distribution List

Even though the new website technically supports e-mail distribution…we have historically used an e-mail distribution list signup that allows you to signup from as many e-mail addresses as you want (work, home, parents, etc).

Most information is posted on the website – but we often have “immediate” info that needs to go out (need a referee for a game that day, etc)….this information is put first on the e-mail distribution list.

You can signup (or cancel your subscription) to the list at this link:   E-mail Distribution List


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Referee Training!

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Referee information for Spring 2019 – WRSA and SCSA league FAQ

Leaders from SCSA and WRSA presented referee information at the Spring Referee meeting. The following is the handout that they presented at the meeting. WRSA league games begin Friday March 1, opening weekend schedules will be published Tuesday February 26.

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Spring Referee meeting for SCSA and WRSA referees

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Spring Season Assigning – SCSA and WRSA

Referees probably have many questions about the upcoming seasons with multiple leagues and tournament games as we support both SCSA and WRSA leagues.

We are choosing to keep the assigning process the same for continuity. We may update to a better app/tool soon but for the Spring 2019 season and foreseeable future – please submit your availabilty as normal. If you live near a specific complex or perhaps have a sibling playing at one complex or the other and would like for me to try and schedule you at that same complex please put those notes in your “requests” as you submit availability for a specific week.

WRSA games are going to be at Stryker. SCSA games will be mostly at Southlakes but they will also have some games scheduled at Stryker. We’ll potentially have tournament games at both facilities and it is possible that we’ll be supporting a tournament at one facility and league games at the other on the same date.

The assigning process will always be to do what is best for the game and for the referee development. We’ll evaluate each game level individually and try to work the best crews possible into those games while honoring your location requests *when possible*.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Mark Bernat – mark.bernat@gmail.com

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Last chance for Recertification for 2019

As 2019 is gearing up, we as referees should be doing the same. Many have not signed up to referee for the 2019 year and we need you. I know you are busy now but before you know, it will be too late. Please consider there are only two classes left in the Wichita area. If you cannot make these dates, you will need to attend a class in another area such as the Overland Park area.

The two classes are as follows:
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Wichita Fall Invitational Tournament Oct 12-14

This post will contain all the info, rules, parking, pay information, schedules, etc for the Wichita Fall Invitational Tournament being held at Southlakes (SCSA) on Fri-Sat-Sun October 12-14.

Referee schedules are still being finalized.  I have a preliminary schedule for Friday – there are still quite a few openings.  I will post Saturday and Sunday schedules by end of day on Tuesday Oct 9.

Referee Schedules





Tournament Information



Rainout Information


Southlakes Soccer Complex
2211 W 47th St S
Wichita, KS 67217

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Some of you may notice a new field on the schedule – CAMPUS TURF FIELD. If you are assigned to this field you can drive over there or the field admins can give you a ride via golf cart. You MUST still check in at the ref shed – if you are going to be at the turf field waiting on your crew you should note that on the schedule in the shed.

If you have any questions about the quickest path to the field or about the assignment/procedure there make sure to talk to a field admin in the referee shed. Also make sure you have the field administration number (316) 350-4457 in your phone so that if you need assistance you can call the shed.

Mark Bernat

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SCSA Pre-season referee presentation

The presentation that was used at the pre-season meeting is available for viewing at:

Pre-season presentation / info 

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