KRW Papa Johns Invitational Tournament April 4-5-6

The KRW Papa Johns Invitational tournament will be held at Southlakes (SCSA) on April 4-5-6. Continue reading

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SCSA Referee Schedule

As always, please confirm your assignments with an e-mail to by Wednesday night each week. Please confirm as soon as possible, don’t wait for the deadline.

SCSA Field Adminstrator phone number is 316-350-4457.   If you are running late (meaning you won’t check in at least 30 minutes before your 1st game of the day) or need to get ahold of the field administrator on duty for any reason, please use this number.

Upcoming Schedules


<There are no games scheduled for Sun April 20>


Archive Schedules


Mark Bernat contact info:  @MarkBernat  316-371-6275   678-983-3368  

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Submit Availability for SCSA / KRW / Papa Johns

You can submit your availability to work SCSA, Kansas Rush Wichita, Papa Johns Invitational and other events assigned by Mark Bernat by accessing the following page:

Submit Availability

Note: You must be “logged in” to the website to submit your availability. Login

If you have not setup an account on the website: Create Username / Register Here


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SCSA Director of Officials Notes – March 27 2014

This last weekend at the fields was good.   Just a few points to cover. Continue reading

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Signup for Mark’s E-mail Distribution List

Even though the new website technically supports e-mail distribution…we have historically used an e-mail distribution list signup that allows you to signup from as many e-mail addresses as you want (work, home, parents, etc).

Most information is posted on the website – but we often have “immediate” info that needs to go out (need a referee for a game that day, etc)….this information is put first on the e-mail distribution list.

You can signup (or cancel your subscription) to the list at this link:   E-mail Distribution List


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Referee Information – Getting Games / Getting Paid / Contact Info

If you have questions, the following links and information about how to get games, how to get paid, how to get information will be helpful for you:

Continue reading

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Middle School and High School games

If you would like to work middle school and/or high school games this spring, Continue reading

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Hello SCSA Officials!

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Chris Hall. I am now the Director of Officials for SCSA. I have been involved in soccer for a long time. I have been playing the game since I was 5 years old and as an adult I still play soccer when I can. I have been officiating indoor soccer for over 10 years, USSF and High school soccer for 8 years, and collegiate soccer for 7 years. I am the facility manager at Sports Zone indoor soccer complex.

My biggest challenge as the new DOO is putting the faces of all the SCSA referees with their names. You will see me at the fields on the weekends, please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself or ask questions if you need. If you think you are ready to advance in the games you officiate please get with me and I can come to your field and watch you so I can help you achieve this and relay it to the assignor. My email address is Please email me if you have any questions.

I look forward to working with all of you. See you at the fields.

Chris Hall
SCSA Director of Officials

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New Website format

I am switching the website format from Joomla (which we’ve been using since 2008) to WordPress.   Bear with me as I update the graphics/plug-ins etc that will make the site work the way we need.


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SCSA Rule Change

SCSA has made the following rule change effective immediately:


  • Except as noted, substitutions shall be “unlimited”.
  • The team in possession may substitute anytime the ball is out of play (corner kicks, throw-ins). However, teams not in possession of the ball can only substitute during these situations provided that the team in possession is also substituting.
  • Free substituting is allowed for both teams after goals, goal kicks and at half time.
  • The substitutes must be at the centerline ready to enter before the referee will allow the substitution to take place.
  • The referee has the authority not to allow the substitution if he/she believes that the procedure will stop the flow of the game or is being used as tactical time wasting ploy.
  • If a player is shown a yellow card, the player must leave the field and the team official may substitute for the yellow-carded player, with the referee’s permission. The opposing team will be allowed one substitution at this time only if the team official elects to substitute for the yellow-carded player. The yellow-carded player may re-enter the field only at a guaranteed substitution.

 Basically the rules now mimic high school rules.  The only change from what we were doing before is that if one team is subbing the other can sub as well AND you can also allow substitution on corner kicks.    

Let me know if you have any questions,

Mark Bernat


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